Perfect Father and Perfect Son


Perfect Father and Perfect Son


Fathers have we all

Though some refuse to earn their title

And some abuse the privilege

And some do all they can

And find themselves only men


But one Father have we all

Perfect in love

Father to rebellious children

And Father to a perfect Son

And yet He gives all to all

and all to One


Father of the perfect Son

For all eternity they are one

With Him and through Him

And for Him have all things come.

And the earth is the Father’s gift to His Son


The Father proclaims His perfect Son

With every letter of History He honors Him

The One born perfect as Adam,

The One who will defeat the serpent

the One promised to Abraham

The One to bless every nation


The One like Isaac, sacrificed

And received again from the dead

His only Son, whom He loves.


The One faithful as Moses

in all God’s house.

The One who will be

forever a holy priest

His own blood being

the only needed sacrifice.


The One who will rule

on the throne of David

for all eternity

The one who will build the Lord’s temple

That will last eternally


The One to bring peace to all nations

The One to bring peace to all creation


Of His Son He tirelessly shouts

He joyously shouts

He shouts with all His zeal

My Son Cometh!

My only Son

Whom I love


What has the Father done for His Son?

He proclaims Him since the dawn of time

He makes Him the answer to every need


Does he coddle Him?

Tell Him that He should never feel pain?


For to His Son is the greatest glory

And so, to His Son, He gives the greatest pain

And so, to the cursed earth, He sends Him

To become a curse

And to the sinful people He gives Him

To become sin for them


And in every moment the Father leads Him

For all eternity they are One

But now humanity is in the Son

Now He is tempted as everyone

Now he is mortal

But the Father is ever with Him

Ever leads Him

And the Son learns obedience

Perfectly He follows

Obedient till death

Even death on a cross


And there the Father leaves Him

And there the wrath of God is drunk

to the dregs by His perfect Son

And there all humanity is judged and found guilty

And there God proclaims the worth 

He has given the imperfect children.

And there the Perfect Son is punished for all


And the earth shook and the sun went dark

for what light dares to shine when it’s maker dies?

And then death began to realize…


All its power had gone out

for with the Son all sin died

And death had no hold

And the Son came to life


And now death desperately clings

to each one in his care

for it is only time

that keeps them there


For when He returns

the grave will give up everything

And when He has judged the earth

even death will be found guilty


At the right hand of the Father

sits the Son

Above every power

of earth and heaven


And now, not only they are one.

For the Father has given to the Son

an inheritance of souls

And no one can snatch them

out of the Father’s hand

For they are His gift to His Son


And from the pain that He endured

All glory has been given

All authority has been given

For He was made perfect

by His suffering


And here is the inheritance that

The Father gives his perfect Son

An eternal throne

An eternal kingdom

All glory and honor and power


The Father has made Him

the hope of the nations

And He has given Him

authority to judge and rule them all


And so the Father has made the Son

the only salvation

To be one with those He has saved

That they may be with Him in His death

and live in Him in His resurrection


The Son is Salvation in Himself

And in His life we live

And forever more will the Son

delight in His brothers and sister

And they will delight in Him

And the Father

will delight in His children

To them forever He rejoices

you are mine, whom I love


Kara J ❤️

Photo by Sabine Ojeil on Unsplash

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