Family and Ministry Part 3

Family and Ministry Part 3



Now, I am still waiting for the promises of God for revival and more official seeming ministry.

I have a husband and a darling toddler. I have been tempted to say that I have passed by the time in my life where I was free to go anywhere and do anything for God, but I just need to be faithful to what I have.

What most of us have, is a family. And who said that family is not a great promise? 

There are people who, like Abraham, only want to be able to have a child or even find a Godly spouse. These are also things that we can wait on God for and wait in faith and contentment in the Savior. 

But when it comes to having a family and feeling like “ministry” has passed me by or is out of reach… 

Well, I am so excited to explore what God can do in the most intimate relationships I have. God’s glory is in us. He is the promise. So why can the family not be a glorious ministry of its own, that is focussed on a specific few?  

Family is the backbone of the world He created and the symbol He uses for explaining Himself. God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Family is extremely important to God.

The fact that God sent His Son, that fact is the foundation of all salvation. The unity of the Father and the Son is the unity that God brings us into as His children. And that is now our identity: God’s children.

It is not surprising to me that He uses having a family to cultivate those He is preparing to use. 

Of course, we can always be jealous of those called before they even knew what hit them and were whisked away into a great ministry.

Jeremiah for example. Samuel, for another. 

But God is patient with us in bringing us up in Christ. And we must be patient to wait in Him and trust his timing. Or really, not worry about the future at all. Be in the present with the Father and the Son, our bridegroom. 

No “call” is worth more than simply being in relationship with the One who calls. It is knowing God that has worth, and what He gives worth to, has worth.

And He gives such worth to family.

It is not what I do that will help or save me or anyone else. If He has purposed my life this way, then this is the only life of worth for me. And as long as I am knowing God more,

what does it matter if He works now or later in some national way? 

Perhaps there should not be such a glorification of a “call” or “promise” and such little glory associated with the family life. Perhaps we should see family as a holy and worthy call.

It is such a blessing to be able to learn from the patriarchs and to fully be thankful for this time in my life.

To fully embrace it and seek God in it.


I thank you God for Your wisdom and for the opportunity to learn patience and to not only believe what You say but to keep on believing and to keep pressing into knowing You and knowing Your heart.

Thank You for blessing me with a loving husband and a little boy.

Thank You for this time of seeking You for You, so that when the other promises come, it will still be about seeking You for You.

It will not be my distraction. It will just be You working through a vessel that has been shaped for years in a fire of everyday life.

It is an adventure to walk with You, my Father, and to learn what You say love is and to learn Your voice.


KaraJ ❤

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash
Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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