Family and Ministry part 2

Family and Ministry part 2


There is another beautiful lesson from the patriarchs. – I need not worry if I messed it up.

I’m sure Moses was worried when he had to flee from Egypt, even though he thought he was called to rescue the Jews from there. 

He killed a man and ran, and I’m sure he wondered if he had messed it up. 

In fact I don’t think he wondered. I think he was sure. He raised a family elsewhere and all of his own ability and even desire had left by the time he was called by God. He was old and not able to physically or verbally free anyone. He actually straight up refused to go when God called him. And even that did not stop God’s will for him.

Hear this. Your failed attempts to bring about what God has said He will do, will not stop God.
And your failed desire to even hope for the things God said He will do, will not stop God.

He created you. He created you for Himself. He will fully make Himself known to you and He will fulfill all He has promised. 

The same was true for Abraham. He had a slave woman’s child and focussed on his family for twelve years till God came again to say he would have a promised son. Abraham, like Moses, also wished that God would just honor the life he then had.
He asked God to bless the son he had and not bother with the promised son any more.

 It is interesting that both men of promise spent most of their lives having families before the promise came and it came when they could not do what was promised in their own strength at all.

 But I do not have to follow in the mistakes of their stories. I can learn from them. I do not have to despair and say, I’m the reason it hasn’t happened yet, or I messed up too bad and missed it, or it’s been too long and there’s no way I can do it. The waiting period can be done in faith.

You can keep pursuing God in faith that He will do everything He has said, and it will be His strength and His time.

Deep down, we don’t want it any other way. We want God to be glorified. But we don’t realize that our attempts at doing things for His glory are what get in the way of what He is doing. Because we are attempting. We are striving. We are doing works we hope glorify Him. But what we forget is that it is God’s works that speak for themselves. It is our surrender that glorifies His works. 

Surrender usually comes from a long road of learning. There seems to be a family phase for some, or a desert phase for others. A time of growing through trial and through relationships and through everyday life.

KaraJ ❤ 

Photo by Sabine van Straaten on Unsplash

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