Family and Ministry Part 1

Family and Ministry Part 1


After I got married I began to go through the Bible studying what it says about family.

When I got to Abraham I realized a similarity between him and Moses and the lives they led.  

Abraham was a simple man who wanted the basics in life. All he asked for, all his life, was a child. Then God came to him and told him, What you desire most I will give you…and then some!

Abraham just wanted a son. God gave him the promise of a son and descendants as numerous as the stars and eventually the One Son who would be the blessing to all the world. Naturally, Abraham was overwhelmed and all about it…till it didn’t come right away.

The burden actually fell harder on Sarah, it seems, and she felt she was the reason he was not getting his blessing. So they tried to make God’s promise happen with Sarah’s servant girl. That mistake brought about a generation that is still enemies with the promised son’s generation to this day.

This was not too unlike Moses, who wanted to deliver his people from bondage and even left his princely position to do so. But he also felt like he needed to bring it about himself and the consequence was his own people thinking he would murder them and him having to flee the place.

 I love that the promises God gave them were desires they already had in their hearts.

I have had many desires. Mostly to be involved in spreading revival in America and even more than that, to walk in the power of the Spirit so that it is His power that moves people and nothing I say. 

These have been things I have wanted and yet wondered if they were not for me. Like the two disciples who asked to be seated on Jesus’ right and left in His kingdom. They did not know what they asked and it had not been meant for them.

 But later God confirmed each desire at different times through His Spirit and through different people. And like with Abraham and Moses, He confirmed to me greater things than I had asked for.

 It has been a few years and the promises have not seemed to happen. But it is evident through the lives of Abraham and Moses that what God promises, God will do, and anything we do to make it happen faster will simply cause trouble.

Nevertheless, it is so easy to feel like Sarah and try to figure out what is wrong. But there is nothing wrong. God is, Himself, our promise. Contentment with this is so important. And contentment is an insultary word. He is a better promise than anything I can accomplish in my life. He is the eternal reward. Knowing Him is the only point and the whole point! His glory is the only glory that is.

 What I am saying is this: I need to grow in intimacy with Him so that when the fruit is made in me, it does not distract from the One who made it. It is so easy and natural to get caught up in what we do for God, when it is oneness that He wants. 

We must not be the prodigal son who uses things for himself but we must also not be the other son who thought his works were all his father wanted. 

There is only one Son, in whom we all live, and His works are perfect and His work is finished.
Praise God! Faith and rest in this, is our righteousness. And this is the way Christ bears fruit in his branches. 

Part 2 next week ^_^
Grace and peace,

KaraJ ❤ 
Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash

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