Jesus’ Baptism Part 4

Jesus’ Baptism Part 4


Our part in being baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire- Look:

Keep your mind on the grace of God for you and for those around you. Meditate on God’s love and the power of His unchanging grace.

Never forget, no matter what evils you see, God will perfectly judge and repay them and your prayers can also affect them. God will fully do away with all evil. He will reward love.

This is why the greatest reward is His Son’s. Because He has perfectly loved and revealed the love of the Father.

Rest in who God is. Rest in what His Son has done for you. Your work can not add to it. Jesus has pleased his Father and we rest in that pleasure and need not add anything to it but our faith that it is ours.

God is pleased with you because you are united with His perfect Son. The Son in whom He is well pleased. He most loves to see you have faith in this truth. That is the most pleasing thing we can do. It is our faith in His Son that saves us and our Faith in our union with His Son, through His Spirit, that makes us more like Him.

As the Bible says, when we see Him we will be like Him because we will see Him as He is. -1 John 3:2

Want to be holy? Focus on the Holy One. Not yourself, not others, but the One who unites you in perfect righteousness.

Kara J ❤️

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

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