Gold:A Boast


I used to lay in the cool earth and hear the gurgling waters. I used to be secure in the roots of mountain rocks.

I was taken from the ground and the rivers and purified with the fires of the earth. I was used to adorn the heads of kings, till they used me to adorn their graves. I used to decorate the walls of temples, till they were destroyed and raided. I hung about the necks of queens and held the wine of the mighty, till one mightier came.

No matter how bloody the hands that grasp me, I know I will be set free before long. No hand that holds me can keep me. No mortal owns me forever.

Oh listen,

listen to the heaves and the cries of the earth! Never has the earth bled this much. Never did she anticipate this agony when first she herd she was cursed. She writhes in expectation. For so soon, so soon comes the day. All earth cries out for it. Enduring, enduring every year, every day, every hour. But soon will come the day.

All the earth shall be purified.

Such dull metal, made pure with an everlasting fire. In that day I will be twisted into a crown that will adorn the King whom shall never fall. Placed upon the head of glory. And on the finger of a hand greater than flesh, though flesh indeed. What am I among the metals, that I should adorn the brow of my maker and the children of his inheritance?

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