Gold: A Lament


The voices! Oh, so many voices! And the eyes! The eyes that look to me! What do you want? I cannot save you! I cannot hold you.

Fools! You fools! My worth is not yours!

I have been passed and passed and passed about but none can hold me. Worshiped, sculpted, locked away.

Don’t touch me! Over handled and over used and I’ll used. Always handled! Don’t touch me!

So much blood. So much blood on my hands!

In the days gone by I was taken from the earth and purified with fire.

Pure gold.

Let me go. I am not your hope. I am not your answer. I cannot carry the weight of all your pain. All your fears. I am a soft metal. Release me! I have never satisfied anyone! If beauty is what you seekā€¦it is not mine!



Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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