Gold: A Taunt


You look lost.

Come, come rest upon my shoulder, come ease your weary heart.

You have been a slave to your own life long enough, exhausted by your own existence. Every muscle is strained, every fiber weary. The good life has sucked you dry, but you must continue to provide, provide, provide. You are a slave to your freedom, your loved ones, your own apatite has driven you here.

But now you are here. Now I am here.
I will give you real bundles of joy that stay with you long after your children have flown your nest. And what a glorious nest it will be! Admit it. I’m the one you’ve wanted since infancy. The satisfaction of every simple and grand desire since you first cried for milk. And who will feed you now but me?

Such a soft and lovely metal. 
I can open doors you’ve never dreamed of and doors you have always dreamed of. They will open without an effort, without a care. You know it, everyone knows it. Only in my arms will you truly rest. Only when you hold me will you be at peace.

Reach out to me and you will hold the world. Hold me close, never let me go, and I promise you, you will always have…something to reach for.

Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash

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