Sabbath Day of Rest Part 6

52356FE7-1B4D-4A04-B638-F365F544098ASo what is it that we do? I’m sure you’ve heard it before: Surrender.

If you think that sounds like work, you are both right and wrong. The work is in the waiting. Come to God in prayer and wait. If anything is worth making a priority for a bit each day it is this. Time alone with God to tell Him you are His and wait on Him. You can pray different verses that build your faith, like the ones that talk about His promises to make you holy or ones that most make you feel loved by Him. Believe His word. Believe He loves you. That He wants your holiness more than even you want to be holy. And that wanting your holiness means wanting your intimacy. Intimacy with Him is how we become more and more like Him. But if we are not surrendered in everything, there will always be a barrier. And yes, God can help us surrender also. Of course. ^_^

I’ve struggled most of my life with the question of what this rest looks like. What do we actually, practically do so that it is God working and not us?

Finally, not that long ago, I found it explained so perfectly in the book, A Short Method of Prayer which said, “Abandonment, then, ought to be an utter leaving of ourselves, both outwardly and inwardly, in the hands of God, forgetting ourselves, and thinking only of God. By this means the heart is kept always free and contented.” Jeanne Guyon

The trick is to think on Him, and not you. The Bible says to enter his house with thanksgiving and his courts with praise. There are things you can praise God for that do not change no matter what you are going through. So when you come to Him, enter His presence with praise and thanksgiving. And when you feel the sweet affection of your Savior, rest in that. Think of what the scripture you are reading tells you about the heart of God and deeply feed on His word and allow yourself to rest in it. Rest in its truth. Rest in the heart of God for you. Don’t stress about what you do or don’t do. Don’t stress about yourself at all. Just don’t give up on resting in God and waiting for Him to do His work in you.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ. (Romans 10:17) Remind yourself of Him in any way you can, as much as you can, when you are not having your time of prayer and study. It will help your faith. Do not feel you are too good for anything that helps. Do not say, I shouldn’t need to be reminded or helped so much by songs, sermons, books, notes to self, wise friends… remember this thing is a battle.

Yes, I Know, I just said it was about rest and now I’m talking about a battle. Don’t worry. This kind of battle is also a rest, because God is fighting and God has already won. He will help you. Those who seek Him find Him, when they seek Him with all if their hearts.

The battle for favor with God, for audience with Him, it is over and won. The battle for being right with Him and earning His love, it is done. It is won. You need not work for it.

There is nothing that can keep you from His love, so I pray nothing keeps you from coming and seeking His face, even guilt at not faithfully seeking Him…

Keep at it. Never let shame or weakness be a reason not to try again. God is patient and He loves to see us try. Not try to be loved, but try to have all He has promised. And what I mean by “what He has promised” is Him. When we are never satisfied with how much of Him we have, we can rest assured, we are fighting the right battle.

Think on His promises. Of what He has done for you, for others, for Israel and for the world. Of what His truth promises. Of His report about you and humanity. That you are loved and forgiven. That He will judge all with perfect justice. That His Son is ever before Him, interceding for you and for those you love, for those you hate and for those you don’t like or see any hope for. God is such an incredible lover of His creation.

Believe in His faithfulness to you and to His own Word. If you do not truly believe in His faithfulness to you because of something that happened or hasn’t happened, come to Him about it. This is your biggest blockade. If you cannot believe God loves you, then you cannot approach Him with a correct foundation of understanding. Love is the foundation. If you do not believe He loves you, you are misunderstanding His heart for you. It could also be that you put your heart into something other than Him and let it taint your view of Him. If your heart is in health, success, comfort, family, ministry or another person and those things have let you down, it may color how you accept the love of God. Rest assured that the parable is true: If you build your house in the sand it will crash and be destroyed. If you build it on the rock, only on the Rock, it cannot fall because He himself does not fail you.

I pray nothing keeps you from the sweet peace and rest of God’s love for you. Tomorrow I will be encouraging you even more in His love.

Grace and Peace!

❤ Kara J

Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

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