Sabbath Day of Rest Part 5

CFDA3711-3825-4B54-B220-F7361201A98EHow important is it?

All but this rest in Christ is death. There is no life without rest in Christ. We are made holy in our rest in Him. This is what the Sabbath symbolizes. Eternal rest in God. This is our way to holiness.

This is why people died when they did not observe the Sabbath. They did not understand its importance or what it stood for.

So many people, myself included, feel there must be something we can contribute. Something we can do.

Really? What will your works gain you? I’ll tell you. They gain you two things. One, they make you feel like you are contributing and pleasing God. Two, they make others think you are contributing and pleasing God.

Both are deceptively good seeming. Please hear me out. 

What is done in your strength cannot do what God can do in His. And if you believe that death to self is part of the christian life, this I assure you, is exactly what it looks like. Death to the “good” of self. Losing yourself. And no, you aren’t doing this in your own strength either. The self does not kill itself anymore than it makes itself holy. 

Tomorrow I’ll post on what exactly I believe our role is.

❤ Kara J

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash


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